Learn About Fast Food And Healthy Food With Michael Johnson’s Fun Run [REVIEW]

Michael Johnson's Fun Run

Fast food is something that children as well as adults love to eat. Some adults may not like children eating so much fast food but they themselves love eat such things.

Among many adults, who are crazy about fast food, the philosophy is, “It is OK if I eat! But it is not good for children’s health!” Fast food can raise cholesterol among children as well as adults. It can also cause obesity.

Michael Johnson's Fun Run

Fast Food is also known as junk food and debate always rages that what exactly can be termed as Fast Food. Logically, any food that tastes good but does not contribute anything to your body in terms of nutrition and gives just instant energy that would burn within minutes is known as Fast Food.

Last year, I read a comic book in which a super-villain had suffered many ailments because of Fast Food. Thus, he was carrying a gun and attacking Fast Food outlets where his gun would pull all the Fast Food in it just the way a vacuum cleaner pulls garbage and dirt in it. The Fast food would go in a cylinder and it would come out in the form of monsters that were made of dough and ingredients of food items like burger and pizza.

The story told how harmful fast food can be if eaten in excess. Thus, now here is an app that would provide the healthy alternatives to fast food.

Michael Johnson's Fun Run

Appshen has created a game app called Michael Johnson’s Fun Run.

This game promises frighteningly fast-paced action, fun food facts and most importantly features the message that eating the right food leads to a healthy lifestyle. You have to sign in to Game Center to play this game.

Whilst your fingers play the game, your mind thinks and reinforces the message that burgers and milkshakes slow you down whilst healthy alternatives put your health on the right track.

Michael Johnson’s Fun Run features fast sprints and long distance runs through a variety of challenging environments.

While playing this game, you have to chase your target time and cross the finish line in front of a cheering crowd to see if you can claim bronze, silver or gold.

This is a simple game but conveys a really meaningful message.

Michael Johnson’s Fun Run is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.2 or later version. This is universal and can run on both iPhone as well as iPad.

This review has been written after obtaining Michael Johnson’s Fun Run from the app store via gift card and the game has been played on an iPad.

Did you enjoy playing this game? How was your running performance? Post your comments.

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