Learn Chinese Easily With 123 Chinese [REVIEW]

123 Chinese

It is difficult to learn Chinese because the number of alphabets in Chinese (read Mandarin) is in thousands. On the other hand, English has 26 alphabets. That is why it is easy to learn.

Are you a Chinese family in USA or any Western country? Do you want your children to learn Chinese language and familiarize them with “rich Chinese culture”. Here is an app that would help children learn Chinese easily.

Presenting 123 Chinese! Even Americans interested in making their children learn foreign languages can also use this app to help their children learn Chinese. This app has been created by Legendary Crafters who describe themselves as a bunch of “cool daddies” who made this app so that their children can do homework. Now they want others to be benefitted with this app.

123 Chinese

123 Chinese is a very helpful app of you want your children to play and learn. This app not only let them play a fun game but it also helps them to learn a Chinese in a unique and different way.

This application starts with giving them a basic knowledge of the Chinese language through the use of appealing and colorful flashcards. These cards are bright and animated gif like illustrations can amuse little kids while learning. All the Flashcards are organized in basic categories such as colors, animals and numbers. More categories will be added with further upgrades.

123 Chinese

By using this app, your children will learn how to speak, read and write basic Chinese words in a graphical engaging way. Although this app is primarily aimed at children, it is in no way limited to just children. Everyone in the family will be able to learn some words in an exciting new language.

The fully voiced words will help kids with their pronunciation and the added instructions will help them write the characters in the correct fashion.

There are plenty of study books available but you would not need to spend tons of money on something that is non-interactive and would not engage your children long enough for them to actually learn anything.

With this application, children will learn something that has been taught in a playful manner for the best possible results.

Thus, not only your child will enjoy the Chinese class, he/she would pick up the ancient Asian language easily and quickly.

123 Chinese is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining 123 Chinese from the App Store and the app has been used in an iPad.

Do you and your children find this app, funny, amusing and educative? Share your feedback with us.

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