Learn English In An Easy Way With Dynamic English Lessons – Phrasal Verbs [REVIEW]

Dynamic English Lessons - Phrasal Verbs

When I was studying in University, I had some classmates that were not from English speaking countries. I used to help them in learning English, sometimes acting as a teacher.

Teaching English as a second language to someone whose mother tongue is not English is different from teaching English to those who speak English as a first language (students in English speaking countries). If English could learnt with the help of an app, things would have been much simple.

Dynamic English Lessons - Phrasal Verbs

Special thanks to Nadia Bentoua for inventing this app called Dynamic English Lessons – Phrasal Verbs. This app makes learning English fun and explains everything in easy language. After seeing this app, I realized that had I found it during my University days, I could have helped my “students” in a better way as they would have understood my teachings more easily.

The English lessons that you get in this app are not the routine English lessons that you expect in a class that you take to improve your English speaking skills!

The app has great graphics and it looks fantastic. It cane used easily and there are some games not only to entertain you, but also to improve your English. You can evaluate your skills by looking at the score boards.

The games are challenging. Learning English would never be the same with this app. This is the first app from the makers that gives you the most common phrasal verbs students are busting to know.

Dynamic English Lessons - Phrasal Verbs

Let us look at the features of this app:

1. There are 2 GAMES to learn phrasal verbs.

2. There is a Phrasal Verb Dictionary that explains everything in simple language.

3. Beautiful graphics and mind blowing audio makes this app one of my favorites.

4. There is a SEALED section for adult phrasal verbs!

5. This app also carries pronunciation recordings to listen to so that user can understand how the word should be pronounced correctly.

Following are some newly added features in the new version:

1. There is an added hint feature to mark invalid guesses in Picker games.

2. The bug that dismissed dictionary keyboard when switching to definition has been fixed.

3. There are updated icons.

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 3.0 or later version.

So with this app, do you find it easy to learn English? Tell us in the comments section.

Click here to buy and download Dynamic English Lessons – Phrasal Verbs.

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