Learn Multiplication Tables With Space Mathematics [REVIEW]

Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division

As a child, I used to hear a joke. A father was upset as his little son was not interested in studies. Father decided to make learning fun. He told the child to act like a teacher. Father acted like a student.

The father told his son to teach. He hoped that the son would read book and explain what he read to the father. That way, the child would study something. But the little boy was smarter. He declared, “Children! Class is over! Go and play! Have fun!”

Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division

This shows that children, who are not interested in studies should be taught in a way so that learning would become fun. This joke also tells how important it is to make learning interesting so that every child can enjoy.

Rucarta has realized that and that is why, they released Space Mathematics, a game that would help children learn multiplication tables. Playing this game would easily teach children to multiply and divide numbers while doing the math.

Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division

Playing Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division is an effective way for kids to learn basic mathematical operations of multiplication and division! The makers of this game claim that any child is nearly guaranteed to learn multiplication and division table through the daily practice using this app at least 2 hours a day.

If your child enjoys fantasy stories about a hero saving the Earth from an alien invasion, then this gameplay here is like an icing on cake because here, a meteor is coming with a number written on it. If the game is based on the table of 2, the player has to shoot a rocket that carries the number twice (or thrice depending on table app is teaching) on it. For example, if a meteor carrying the number 7 is flying towards Earth, rocket carrying the number 14 should be shot to destroy the meteor.

Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division

By using this app a child can also learn how to divide.

Now there would be no need to remember an infinite number of tricks to multiply or divide two numbers. Practice tables with this app will make you remember them forever.

Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division has been developed by professional school teachers. It is a fun game and educational app in one. Kids will protect the Earth from meteorites by shooting or launching rockets against them. The more accurate calculation kid makes the sooner he can complete his mission. Kids would not be alone during the game. A funny 3D animated Cosmic will guide them and explain any game task.

Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division

App provides three types of complexity – Easy,Medium and Hard. Each type of complexity offers a set of exercise types.

Following are the important features of this game app:

1. Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division has an integrated multiplication table.

2. This app has simple and easy navigation that would not require any assistance from parents.

3. There are colorful and bright graphics in this game.

4. This game entertains and excites children as it has amazing music and sound effects.

5. Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division has intriguing interactive elements. It also has dynamic, colorful and easy to use interface.

6. This game encourages youngsters to play again and again. If youngsters play again, the learning they receive will be reinforced in their mind.

7. The languages supported in this game are English, French, German and Russian.

In the new version 1.1 of this game, many bugs have been fixed.

Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod Touch, 4th Generation iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version. This game is a universal app and can be used on iPhone as well as iPad.

This review has been written after obtaining Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division from the app store via gift card and the game has been played on an iPad.

After playing this game, does your child find it easy to learn and remember multiplication tables? Post your comments.

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