Deaths in Apple production units to be stopped

It’s high time that Apple gets serious regarding their plan for expansion of its plants. The situation is reaching an alarming stage and in no less time things might get out of control. We have been reporting suicide cases and now the latest news is here about 44 Chinese workers preparing to file a lawsuit against the LCD manufacturer Wintek reported by Statfor Global Intelligence.

The lawsuit has come into action because of dozens of workers been hospitalized due to a poisonous chemical called n-hexane which is used to clean iPhone screens. The report points out that since 2009 62 workers have been hospitalized. The chemical is so toxic that it can cause nerve damage and paralysis sometimes.

The strange fact is that the factory manager has been forcing workers to use this poisonous chemical because it helps in drying faster and leads to reduced streakiness. In spite of the the availability of a safer alcohol the toxic chemical is being used.

The more deadly fact of the report still remains to be disclosed which says that n-hexane is being used on Apple’s request. Wintek happens to be a primary supplier of touchscreen for the iPad which is obviously suffering from heavy demand from the customers and insufficient production units to fulfill the demand but that doesn’t mean Apple takes the support of toxic chemicals to make production faster.

Wintek is not be blamed completely because the companies assembling raw material for Apple’s products are controlled by Apple. These choke points or small bottlenecks might not be reaching the top level management but this doesn’t mean complains or problems should be stopped from reaching the right department.

Moreover, the problem not only lies in the fact that there are bottlenecks causing health hazards but more so its about Apple brand image which is ‘sure’ to get marred by these acts. The people involved with Apple in the form of users or customers look upon Apple to be an organization providing ‘magical’ products along with flawless customer plus employee satisfaction.

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