Letter Bomb Game app review

Letter Bomb iPad

Once again, there is an exciting game that can entertain people of all age-groups.

Brought to you Crazy Cat Studio, Letter Bomb is an exciting game that can also help you in playing with English alphabets and you might improve with your English speaking skills as well.

By playing this game, you can test your word building skills as well.

Letter Bomb iPad

As you start this game in the time bomb mode, you have build and spell words to beat the bomb. You start from easy words and as the game progresses, the words become more difficult, taking you to the harder levels that are more challenging. As your score rises and as you unlock the new level, you win the trophy.

Letter Bomb

In Beat the Bomb mode, an exciting challenge awaits you. Here you pit yourself against a fast-paced challenge. Here you race against the bomb to stop from exploding and thus, you have to go on spelling the words correctly like a rapid fire. The more bonus points you score, the more you increase the chances of your survival. One word spelt wrong and the bomb explodes, spelling doom for the player.

The bomb adds the element of action in this game, probably giving you a flavor of your favorite action movie.

This game is compatible with iPad, iPhone3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch (4th Generation). It requires iOS 4.0 or later versions.

So let us see how great your English skills are? Are you ready for exciting and action-packed challenge.

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