LG Tablet delayed, avoid going head to head with Apple’s iPad

Now every Tablet Company will do a market research on the device before the launch so that it doesn’t go head-to-head with Apple’s iPad. May be LG is having a second thoughts about it and even the company has put its plans for a tablet on hold.

According to Reuters on Monday that LG has postponed the release of its tablet, citing a delay in obtaining a suitable version of Android. Even the LG official has confirmed with Reuters that the company would not begin production on the tablet until the “most reliable Android version” was available, claiming that the current Android 2.2, is not “the most suitable version for our tablet.”

Moreover, a report from Bloomberg also suggested that LG is waiting for Android 3.0 and which is due next year.

Will the back step from LG leaves the company as inferior to Apple’s iPad, since LG VP of marketing Chang Ma bragged last summer that LG’s “tablet will be better than the iPad” and would be out by the end of the year


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