Libratone AirPlay 2 available with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speakers?

Libratone has two portable speakers where the summer works with AirPlay 2 this year. Libratone ZIPP and ZIPP mini users update speakers of the Libratone iOS app adds AirPlay 2 support:

Libratone announces ZIPP and ZIPP mini speakers and supports Apple AirPlay 2, enables Libratone owners streaming music or podcasts. This happens where Apple devices group them together playing music anywhere from home, all in sync. […]

ZIPP and ZIPP mini owners have updates thus far with AirPlay 2 downloaded by the Libratone app where the App Store not only follows the instructions to update the firmware. Hence with a free software allow compatibility the entire Libratone ZIPP home speaker ranges. Both ZIPP mini and full-size ZIPP Bluetooth where the Wi-Fi speakers have AirPlay 2 delivers improved audio streaming from iOS, where there is multi-room playback with HomePod and other AirPlay 2 speakers, and Home app support with speakers to rooms in HomeKit.

Libratone’s portable Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth speaker has 10 hours of a battery where there is more versatility with other AirPlay 2 speakers on the market. Thus AirPlay 2 over Wi-Fi is where HomePod, Sonos, and AirPlay 2 speakers are at home, or takes Libratone ZIPP and ZIPP mini with stream audio over Bluetooth away from home.

ZIPP mini and ZIPP priced is below HomePod at $249 and $299 — $100 and $50 where HomePod’s list price. Apple releases a second AirPlay 2 speaker with Beats brand, where the price details are unknown as for now.

Apple Stores carries ZIPP mini in a unique colour, Atlantic Deep, priced at $199.95.