Lil’ Tweeny Learns To Write With Write My Name [REVIEW]

Write My Name

Before your toddler starts going to school, you can play a game with him/her that would give your toddler, a knowledge of alphabets and make him learn many new things.

Write My Name app familiarizes little children not just with alphabets and words, it would also make them a little bit of tech savvy as while learning to use this app from you or a teacher, they would also learn little bit about the gadget on which app is being used. For example, iPad.

Write My Name has been developed by Project Injini who have a history of developing educational games and assistive applications that cater to the knowledge and education related needs of little children. The applications developed by Injini aim to provide a high-quality learning experience to the child who is using the application. Injini also create helpful apps to aid the education of children with special needs.

Write My Name

Write My Name by Injini has been developed by experts who can make educational and educative applications. It is endorsed by parents and teachers due to its simple way of teaching and beautiful colorful graphics that would appeal to children. This app is a fun way for children to practice writing letters, words, names and phrases. Write My Name supports children ages 4 through 6 and helps them to learn how to write their name, trace uppercase and lowercase letters, and write various familiar sight/Dolch words. Write My Name teaches some of the basic reading and writing that children usually learn in kindergarten such as the introduction and mastery of print and word recognition concepts. It meets the Common Core State standards in this regard.

How to use this app:

Write My Name app is embedded within a child’s beautiful wood desk space. There are three activity areas that preschoolers and kindergarteners can explore while practicing and mastering writing their alphabet, name, and common sight words.

*ABC alphabet book in this focuses on learning and tracing the individual uppercase or lowercase letters.

Write My Name

* Write My Name features Word Cards that introduce the child to over 100+ common sight words. Thus, children trace words in uppercase or lowercase letters. Once the child traces the word, the word card comes to life with vibrant colors and animations that appear really beautiful on the iPad screen. Tracing the word for a second time would add star stamp word to the student’s word journal. These rewards would encourage children to keep progressing through all the words provided. This is what makes this app look like a game where one wins by scoring points and while learning, the child would get the feeling that he/she usually gets by enjoying while playing a game.

Write My Name

*My Name allows parents and teachers to create over 36 name tags, including the child’s name with a picture for children to practice writing words that are especially meaningful for them.

Helping students with special needs:

With Write My Name, Injini continued to follow the tradition of helping children with special needs. Write My Name app helps such children to practice emerging writing skills in a fun and playful way. Children with name writing as one of their Individual Education Program (IEP) goals will be benefited from the Write My Name learning application as this app would make this task accessible and achievable to children who have fine motor delays and sensory processing issues.

Now let us highlight the special features of Write My Name app:

1. Write My Name features an alphabet book to practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters.

2. There are Word cards to practice tracing over 100 common sight/Dolch words.

3. You can create 36 individualized name tags or phrases with pictures so that the child can learn to trace a word.

4. Write My Name app features a Fingerpaint mode to write with blue paint and see the letters exactly as traced.

5. Calm background music will be easy on the ears. If you or child find it distracting, the music can be turned off in the options screen. You can also turn it on in the same way.

6. Wite My Name has been designed for school and home use.

7. Superb artwork, music and real voice files make this app attractive.

8. Injini offers educational discounts for volume purchases.

9. Intuitive game design promotes independent play.

Thus, if your child learns to use this app properly, then on his/her first day of kindergarten, he/she would be familiar would be familiar with many things and would be one of the smartest students in the class.

Write My Name is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

So are you ready to increase the intelligence level of your child and make him/her smarter? You must be happy with this app as using this app would give the feeling of playing a game to your child. Share your feedback about this app with us.

Click here to buy and download Write My Name.

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