Lingual Can Add Siri Language Translation To Jailbroken iPhones

Siri Lingual

Thanks to pod2g and his team, a jailbreak tweak for iPhone 4S is available.

Now that iPhone 4S can be jailborken, jailbreak developers can use Siri in their tweaks and create some more tweaks that might add new features to Siri.

One such tweak is Lingual. Lingual adds language translation to your favorite virtual assistant. The tweak is available from the Big Boss repository in Cydia. Imagine that you say “Siri, What is how are you in Spanish” and Siri will respond with “Cómo estás.”

The tweak uses the Bing API to handle all the translation requests. As a result, it can support more than 30 languages. It is based on the AssistantExtensions platform and will install that tweak along with Lingual. AssistantExtensions is an architecture that makes it easy to create Siri extensions like Lingual. It is free and it contains both tutorials as well as templates if you want to learn and understand the jailbreaking tricks and procedures.

Do you have a jailbroken iPhone 4S? Have you used Lingual? Tell us what are your comments.

Source: TUAW

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