Live update: Apple 2010 media event (New iPod shuffle)

The event is in progress Steve Jobs is still addressing the audience. Steve spoke about TV show rentals, about Game Center, HDR photos showing a few examples of them.


Steve says iOS 4.2 is for iPad btw, then he demo’s Airplay, demoing folders on iPad with iOS 4.2. It will be available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch he added.

This is a music event, where we unveil cool music products, now moving onto iPods, Apple has sold 275 million iPods he said.

One of the secrets to iPod success is that even though it has very high market share, we’ve never rested on our laurels (says Steve). Every year, we try to make them even better. This year we’ve gone wild. All new iPods, All new designs for every single model.

Biggest change in the iPod lineup ever, steve says Starting with iPod shuffle, New iPod shuffle is a combo of second and third gen, looks like second-gen, but a little smaller it has buttons and playlists, as well as voiceover There’s the clip of course, and the hold switch on the top Comes in five colors, sells at $49 for 2GB.

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