Logic Pro X Updated With Enhancements And Bug Fixes


Logic Pro X published an update today with enhancements and bug fixes. The app now supports 12-core Mac Pros more efficiently, which will now use up to 24 threads at once. While using Low Latency Mode fixes have been done to pace sequencer issues. Alignment guides have been implemented along with several XML import and export bugs been taken care of.

Few more improvements on the app have been done like copying automation data and pasting it to any location using the Marquee tool; MIDI devices with volume and pan controls can now be used to control software instrument instead of using the channel strip in which the instrument is recorded on; volume, pan and effect send values can now be loaded into the automation track at the current playhead position.

Other upgrades improve the app’s accessibility features:

  • Now supports 24 processing threads on 12-core Mac Pro model
  • The current volume, pan, and send values for all selected tracks can now be inserted at the playhead position
  • Enabling Low Latency Mode no longer creates sync issues for Drummer, Ultrabeat, Native Instruments Machine and other plug-ins with integrated step sequencers?
  • Automation can now be copied and pasted to any location using the Marquee tool?
  • Adds an option for MIDI volume and pan data to control the instrument plug-in instead of the channel strip?
  • Resolves several snap and alignment guide issues?
  • Various fixes that improve XML import and export with Final Cut Pro X?
  • Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility