Look before you leap

Poor signal and connectivity problem has resulted in reduced purchases of iPhones. APPLE’s official website has been flooded with complaints and moreover the consumer reports describes how people are facing interruptions of communication in the need of time. There has been no end to the crazy breeze of iPhones but the breeze might turn into a wrong side if the complaints are not rectified.

Though consumer feedbacks have disclosed all other positive features of the phone which undoubtedly justifies the gadget to remain the best amongst its peers but pro-activeness is what users expect from a the gigantic brand Apple so it might upset a big chunk of iPhone4 users if it is unable to catch signals which has been into news since a long time.

If Apple tries to escape from this loophole not by changing the phone models defects but by deleting the reports posted by the consumers then it would be unethical on their part. In 2007, they erased the reports pertaining to the problem related with the iMac’s pale screen. If the company pays no heed to this issue, many customers would show their thumb down and move on.

So a word of caution to folks on the other side, ‘The customer is the undeniable king.’

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