Low iPhone demand might lead to a ban on Samsung products!

By now, everyone has at least heard the rumors that Apple may be experiencing low demand for its iPhone 5. Now here is an interesting perspective on things: This slump in sales could actually get Samsung products banned.Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 5.16.12 PM

Apple secured a major victory in its patent battle with Samsung last August, when a U.S. jury found that Samsung infringed on a number of Apple design and utility patents. Samsung had to cough up a hefty $1.04 billion in damages. However, all hadn’t gone wrong for Samsung. Judge Lucy Koh denied an Apple request to ban all U.S. sales of the Samsung products found to have violated Apple’s patents, stating that Apple had not demonstrated a ‘sufficiently strong causal nexus’ between Samsung’s infringement and potential damages to Apple’s sales to justify a permanent injunction.”

Now patent litigator Manotti Jenkins of Valorem Law Group thinks Apple’s recent iPhone 5 sales slump could lead the way to a permanent injunction against Samsung products. Reports of Apple reducing its iPhone screen orders by nearly 50% have already made headlines.

Samsung, on the other hand, has in fact had an even more profitable quarter than Apple, who is currently the worlds most valuable company.

Proving this, however, can be quite difficult for Apple, as buyers decisions are based on hundreds of complex features that they like or don’t like in a particular Smartphone, and it is near impossible to highlight which features are driving consumer demand.

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