Mac-OS Mojave

Apple previewed a new-dark mode revamp of Mac App Store with new Finder capabilities thence with of annual World Wide Developers Conference. Hence with macOS Mojave is getting released to the public with a fall after a beta-testing period.

  • Dark Mode
  • Dynamic Desktop
  • Desktop Stacks
  • Finder Gallery View
  • Revamped Mac App Store
  • New Privacy Protections

MacOS Mojave, is the newest version of the operating system which runs on Apple’s Macs which was inspired by the desert at night, macOS Mojave which is the first Mac update in several years hence not to use a mountain-based theme with new moniker visual changes made to the software.

Hence with the standout feature in macOS Mojave extends beyond the dock and the menu bar to full windows and apps with native apps such as Mail, Calendar, iTunes, Xcode, and more optional feature which can continue to use the light mode.

Dynamic Desktop

A new Dynamic Desktop feature introduces wall-papers which subtly changes throughout the day and finder has been revamped with a new Gallery View for previewing files one by one. Hence Screenshots in macOS Mojave has an iOS-style which puts up Markup options which is simpler than ever with Continuity Camera importing photos and document scans to capture iPhone right into the macOS.

Thus macOS Mojave, provides with a free update which is compatible with 2015 and newer MacBooks, 2012 along with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac models. Hence with the new software available to developers for beta-testing, Apple has developers for public beta-testing.

Dark Mode

Hence with the macOS Mojave, one builds a darker menu bar with the dock first being introduced in macOS Sierra, thus been offering a full systemized Dark Mode from the dock and menu bar to windows and apps. With a new distinctive feature of macOS Mojave, Apple says that the darker look is great for professionals making photographs, presentations, videos, and documents popping off the screen.


Stacks which is a feature for the desktop in macOS Mojave has been designed to aggregate which organizes all the files on the desktop into “Stacks” which are sorted based on the file type, date, tag, and more with reducing desktop clutter.

Once you click on Stack, you can scrub through the contents to view the file in the Stack. For example, one can have a stack of photographs which can hover, the mouse over the pile switching through each photo without losing the organizational system.  Hence upon clicking on a Stack has a tendency to expand the full list of files.

Finder Improvements

With Apple being overhauled Finder in macOS Mojave, makes it easier to find, view, and manipulate the files on your Mac. There is also a new View mode in Finder, Gallery, joining the existing icon, list, and Columns view option. With Gallery, files are being displayed with a larger preview at the top with thumbnails at the bottom for viewing PDFs and presentations.

Side Bar

Hence with the Finder view modes, a new sidebar provides a meta-data of your files. Thus far with an example, one can go through with dimensions, resolution, camera device, focal length, ISO speed, and other metrics.

Quick Actions

Quick Actions hence features availability of all Finder modes having been added to the aforementioned sidebar. Hence with Quick Actions, one can quickly edit as well as change your files which is based on file type.

One can thus make a quick rotation of correct orientation entering Markup mode by adding additional edits. Hence for standard files, add password protection or create a PDF. Quick Actions hence are contextual on the files one to work with. Hence with create custom Quick Actions one can use the Contextual Workflow in the Automator app which can be accessed all of your Quick Action opting for files with right click on them from anywhere within the macOS Mojave.

Quick Look

This is a feature which allows one to press a space bar which is highlighted to preview it and hence more powerful in the macOS Mojave has an integrated Markup featuring quick edits and changes without having the need to exit Quick Look view.

Screenshot Improvements

Hence with the introduction of Apple in iOS11 featuring new tools such as for screenshot using Shift +Command +3 with the screenshot displayed in a small popup at the bottom right of the display. Hence with the screenshot being open up in a full Markup editing window, one can crop it, resize it, and add annotations along with adding shapes and inserting a new signature and also can be done by any Markup interface.

Thus Creating screenshots and recording captures feature a new interface with screen recording previously required QuickTime.

Continuity Camera

This is a new feature designed to allow you one to take a photo on an iPhone or iPad automatically being ported over to the Mac into the document or app of your choosing.

New App and App Updates

Hence with macOS Mojave, there is a kick-off being placed with a new project designed to bring some iOS apps to the MAC through common frameworks. Hence the ultimate goal is making it easier for third-party developers to port iOS apps to the Mac where Apple plans to introduce in 2019.

One can get better notifications and breaking news, stories hit, with syncing availability across iOS devices and Macs. With syncing, one can read something in Apple News for iPhone and then back up on the Mac at a later point in time.