Mac OSX 10.7, “Lion”?

Mac OSX Lion?According to many sources, Apple is busy building the next major version of Mac OSX, namely mac OSX 10.7. Or according to a bug report analyzed by MacRumors, Mac OSX “11A47”.

MacRumors discovered that a new build reference was found in the buglist for the opensource OSX component “launchd”, this build reference “11A47” should point to Mac OSX 10.7. Since Mac OSX 10.6 “Snow Leopard” is referenced to as “10A432” where the first number is the most important. This number points to the major version.

So you can already be sure of one update, “launchd” which manages the processes on OSX, will get a bugfix. Other updates in version 10.7 are up to this date unknown. But as Snow Leopard was only a small under-the-hood update, we have reason to believe that Mac OSX 10.7 will bring major changes. One of them could be dramatic performance increases which benefit from the new technologies build into Snow Leopard such as e.g. Grand Central Dispatch and 64-bits. This also lightens the way for remarkable changes to the user interface of Mac OSX, such as more advanced desktop effects, faster reactions, …

But as Mac OSX uses more advanced hardware technologies older Macs will no longer be supported. At this point this may as well be the older white polycarbonate macbooks (prior to 2009) which are quite short on the graphical power. But of course these are assumptions. If we want to know what the next OSX will truly bring, we’ll have to wait for the release presentation. Since Apple can keep things in doors for quite a long time, all we can do is speculate.

So a few questions still remain and many of the above statements are still very uncertain. The biggest but probably most useless question is : What will be the codename for the new OSX?
Well according to us this can be none other than Mac OSX “Lion” as all other big cats which Apple uses for their OS codenames are already used.

Mac OSX 10.0 : Cheetah
Mac OSX 10.1 : Puma
Mac OSX 10.2 : Jaguar
Mac OSX 10.3 : Panther
Mac OSX 10.4 : Tiger
Mac OSX 10.5 : Leopard
Mac OSX 10.6 : Snow Leopard
Mac OSX 10.7 : Lion?

But for confirmation of all our suspicions we’ll have to wait until Apple presents Mac OSX 10.7 to the public.

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