Mac Pro 2010 Unboxing photos are here!

Have you been wanting to see how the new hexacore 2010 Mac Pro looks, then check this out. Over the past few days a first few lucky customers have got them.

Here is a set of unboxing pictures from Recruit in Japan. They show the Mac Pro, the SSD drive, ATI Radeon 5870, and new Hexacore Xeon CPUs. It looks to be the top performing model of the line (or close to it) the CPU should be compatible with the motherboard currently used to host Xeon Nehalem in the Mac Pro 2009. The TDP should maintain below 130 W thanks to 32-nm engraving process while being compatible with the current cooling system.


The hexacore Mac pro with such future generation technology, planned and launched more than a year after the last update of the Mac Pro has a lot of expectations from the people, I only hope Apple does not disappoint them.


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