Mac Pro, 50% faster with 12 processing core.

Good news breezed towards the Mac users when Apple announced that the new Mac Pro will reach the customers who placed order, by Aug 24.

People are waiting for the MacPro because it has now latest Intel Xeon processors and up to 12 processing cores, which makes it 50 percent faster than their predecessors. They also exclusively come with ATI powered graphics, with the Radeon HD 5770 graphics processor with 1GB of memory standard, and an upgrade option for the even faster Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB of memory.

Apple has made various updates to it products. Apple announced that the devices would reach home after 5-6 days of placing orders (business days).

If you are in the queue, you have to wait till August when the new, faster and innovated makes to your door. I would love to use it given a chance because it’s new, fast and added on new features as claimed by Appleinsiders.

It’s waiting time for all.


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