According to Survey Mac remains the top choice for Americans

Mac remained the US favorite personal computer, the US people loves to work with Apple Macs rather than in windows PCs.

According to a survey which came up with their report showing that the American consumer are very much satisfied while using their computers. It shows the level increased at an average rate of 4 % in the past few years. In 2010 all the PC makers like Dell, Acer gain higher profit than they did in 2009. All of them remained satisfied with the rating of 77%. But shockingly Apple (Appl, Fortune 500) rating increased in the last year. It scored 86% beating all its rivals.

This is not the first time Apple is leading the PC category, they are holding it for seventh consecutive year. According to David Van Amburg who is the managing director of ACSI feels that it is due to their commitment towards innovation which keeps the company in the front row. He also added that they create something unique for their customers, keeping in mind the customers likings and it looks like they can read the mind of their customers very well.

However, inspite of the great popularity Apple PC market holds a tiny share as comparing to lesser popular PC maker. According to IDC it only holds 9% in US market and only 5% share through out the whole world.


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