MacBook Airs Shipping Supply Extinguished from Best Buy

MacBooks Airs is no longer offering at Best Buy site, may be because of lower supply is compelling the site to placed the word ‘Not Available’ for shipping- Apple MacBook Airs.

According to iClarified site:

“9to5Mac observed that the retail outlet’s online component recently has placed all four of the current MacBook Air models on not available for shipping. This typically means that supplies are so constrained that they have to focus their remaining inventory on their popular physical retail stores. does not provide a date for when they will be shipping the notebooks again, but these types of things are usually indicative of a product refresh.”

Even the iclarified site has reported that Amazon is running low on MacBooks supply. Rumors has its own way of interpreting the news that until Mac OS X Lion is available to ship, the new hardware update will have to wait.

[Via iClarified]

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