MacBook Pro With Retina Display Seeing Improved Shipping Times

MacBook Pro With Retina Display

Ever since it has been launched, Retina MacBook Pro is one of the most visually stunning and cutting-edge laptops in today’s market. It boasts a 5 million pixel display with more color and contrast with less glare.

Alongside its Retina display, the latest MacBook Pro comes packed with all-flash storage, long lasting battery life, the Intel Core i7, next-generation Nvidia graphics card, and a number of ports, connections, and audio enhancements. With all that it has to offer, it’s been in hot-demand since its release.

Shipping estimates for the new Retina MacBook Pro orders in Apple’s Asia-Pacific markets saw their first improvements from 3-4 weeks to 2-3 weeks previously. Now, it has been noticed that shipping estimates have dropped yet once again to 1-2 weeks. First they dropped in the Asia-Pacific markets and then in the American and European stores.

These shipping estimates for the Retina MacBook pro peaked at 3-4 weeks, just 36 hours after the models were unveiled at last month’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The shipping estimates remained at that time frame until last week’s drop to 2-3 weeks. The trend of improving shipping estimates is continuing as the time frame has reduced yet once again.

Availability at other online retailers as well as retail stores has also improved. In many cases these estimates are beating Apple’s online store estimates for stock models. Apple’s online store is still the primary source for customized orders.

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