Magazine Sales Accelerate With The Launch Of Apple’s Newsstand On iOS 5

Popular Science December 2011 Cover

Sometimes, the sales of magazine accelerates due to unique factors. Due to Apple’s launch of Newsstand storefront and dedicated folder in iOS 5, the sales of a magazine has not just been boosted, but its subscription rates have also accelerated.

Popular Science +, a digital publication produced for iPad by Mag+, witnessed a leap of 13 percent in its sales, just one week after Newsstand debuted in October.

Peter Kafka of All Things D, says that the magazine’s growth continued to pick up after that launch week with more velocity.

Cumulative subscription rates for Popular Science + have increased from 28,658 to 32,335, just after the launch of Newsstand. In the following weeks, subscriptions continued to grow at a faster rate. By early October, subscriptions had reached more than 40,000.

Source: Apple Insider

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