Magazine site updated to support the iPad.

If you were wondering how to update yourself with the magazine, your hunt is over. Yes now the New Yorker has quietly updated it’s site, to give iPad users full access to 85 years of wit and wisdom from the pages of The New Yorker. This Digital Edition automatically recognizes me and you visiting from an iPad, and serves an optimized version of the site. Ok a sigh of relief ran through me when I got to know this.

You can view single pages in portrait orientation or spreads in landscape orientation, and you can double-tap to zoom in on a section and then scroll around the page. A single tap on the screen brings up controls for viewing thumbnails of pages, accessing archives by year, setting preferences, and more.

But people are concerned about there being no indication whether it will offer free access to subscribers as other magazine site does. But people are happy to have their digital edition optimized for iPad in a matter of weeks.

Along with the readers my worry is also seems to be vanishing with the updates.

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