Magic MacBook Pro Includes Built-In Tablet

Magic MacBook Pro

According to a Chuck Norris Fact, Chuck Norris may be able to create a new photocopy machine out of an existing photocopy machine.

However, seeing a tablet coming out of a MacBook Pro is something closest to that what the mere mortals can achieve.

Jokes apart, Magic MacBook Pro can do that.

Magic MacBook Pro is futuristic laptop . It features a sliding trackpad that holds an iRemote (tablet) within. This is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled device that can act as function buff, allowing you to manage your music, media and ‘computer stuff’ in a streamlined way. iRemote maybe a table but it is not exactly and iPad.

This is a video of Magic MacBook Pro.

What are your thoughts about Magic MacBook Pro? What do you expect from Magic MacBook Pro and iRemote? Share your comments with us.

Source: Tech E Blog

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