Magic Mouse has Captured Over 10 Percent Market Share

In October this year, along with new iMacs, Apple introduced Magic Mouse, the world’s first mouse with a multi- touch surface, like the one you see on iPhones and MacBooks. Magic Mouse’s predecessor, Mighty Mouse, never became any success and many have complained about the scroll ball, but Magic Mouse is completely different, and after just 8 weeks on the market, it has captured over 10 pct. market share, and Apple is now the third best selling mouse manufacturer, behind Microsoft and Logitech.

Though Apple is in third place, their superiors on the mouse market are far ahead, and Apple will by no chance catch up with them as yet, but Apple has felt the demand on Magic Mouse and here at AppleLunch we have actually experienced that it was impossible to purchase Magic Mouse anywhere in Aarhus, Denmark. Premium Reseller “humac” told that they haven’t had any Magic Mouses since November, and were not expecting to have any before late January, so if you want a Magic Mouse, and you live outside America, we recommend you to buy it from Apple Online Store.

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