Mail Archiver X 4.3 review: Versatile Mac email utility has a poky utility but indispensable

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Mail Archiver X 4.3 review: Versatile Mac email has a poky utility, but indispensable.

After the email, a message starting consumption where valuable internal storage spaces eventually slow down your Mac with a copy of every single email locally cached. Hence, good idea archives and purge older messages on occasions.

Full-featured backup

The name implies, Mail Archiver X ($40), a Mac application offline stores messages, folders, and entire accounts. With saving the message, a flattened PDF document exports mailboxes into MBOX format which is readable with the same email client, where Mail Archiver X faithfully archives a message. This is into own Valentina database viewed, searched, or saved. This is in further with a variety of common format having few clicks of the mouse.

Mail Archiver X offers unique ability archiving messages into the searchable database complete mailboxes and more.

Hence, Evernote users want retaining cloud-based copies of certain emails where the software receipt contains license code needs the near future. Mail Archiver X exports multiple emails completing tags a specific notebook is with optional attachments. Messages exports where MBOX, PDF, RTF, text, or XML formats the owners of FileMaker 13 or higher with popular productivity application for an external database.

Mail Archiver X utilizes familiar three-panel layout with mailboxes on the left side message listing the centre and previews at right. The third panel includes tabs viewing attachments, header details, or mail tags.

The toolbar provides a shortcut for setup, print, export, delete, and search the ability replying to or selecting forward messages that are straight from the original email client.

While earlier versions supportive of popular email software, such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook/Entourage, and Thunderbird, the latest 4.0 release allows users archiving from multiple clients. This is with a granular control where mailboxes included. Thus one can archive directly from one or more IMAP server accounts, with no mail client necessary.

Mail Archiver X 4.3 is where multiple email client allows and IMAP accounts archives in a single click.

Slow and steady

With no denial of Mail Archiver X, a convenient utility, but in the past, there is software which does not have any broken speed records. Thus, the performance noticeably improves the version 4.0, but how much is ultimately dependent on the size. The database hence larger shows grown over time and slower tends to become view or sorting messages.

Thankfully, Mail Archiver X creates multiple smaller archives. This keeps things efficient. This is where one notes Setup options. This applied globally and stored with the database. This thus become tricky using the built-in schedule option. This automates backup on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, archiving mail thus with a fall within a specific range. This is how an entire year’s worth message is at a time.

Thus with the archival of a year is worth of emails? Where Mail Archiver X just do a whole lot more.

Mail Archiver X skips emails archived previously, not a true incremental backup. The initial archives took hours in creation, subsequently backs up and take the same amount of time. If one backs thousands of emails in one session, is where a slow process is. Thus typically archiving overnight or on weekends, where my MacBook Pro otherwise is idle.

Leisurely performance aside, Mail Archiver X’s unique ability archives messages in a way retains the structure, formats the original client. I did love the way adding standalone MBOX files. This archives without first importing them back into Apple Mail, but per my experience, the developer is lightning-quick. This addresses support issues. The software includes tools diagnosing, clone, or rebuild database problems which may arise.

Mail Archiver X 4.3 allows multiple email clients and IMAP accounts archives in a single click.

Bottom Line

The support for multiple mail client and IMAP accounts makes a Mail Archiver X 4.3, a worthwhile update. This is with good investments for heavy e-mailers looks keeping their client lean. Thus not the fastest utility is around definitely being the most robust.