Make Your Decision Without Saying “Mmmh” [REVIEW]


In your life, when you are thinking, what decision to make, though subconsciously, sometimes you make the sound of “Mmmh”. In movies and many TV shows, when a character is shown thinking, he is also shown saying, “Mmmh”. Sometimes they make this sound, while trying to recall their options to choose from.

But cut it now. When there is an app named as “Mmmh”, with this strange name, this app is saying “Mmmh” for you so that you can just focus on thinking and make your decision without wasting energy on saying “Mmmh”.


Jokes apart, this app is a useful app. There can be occasions in your life where you need to choose from different jobs, apartments, partners, phones, travel plans, life scenarios, or anything. This app will be an important tool through your life.

Sometimes, while thinking, you forget the options that you have from which you can choose to make your decision. This app will ensure that it does not happen.

Mmmh has been created by a company called Lifechangingapps. There apps are creating on the themes of making a positive impact in user’s life.


Have you ever faced a decision, involving so many aspects that you feel you cannot properly compare all the options at once in your mind? On such occasions, it becomes difficult for you to decide that what option is best for you.

Mmmh… app is a simple, easy to use and yet, powerful tool that would help you sort through all the complex decisions in your life.

This app works by spreading the decision into different criterions. Each of those criterions affect the decision partially. Then you can give more or less importance (weight) to each criterion, and finally you grade each option on each criterion. Mmmh calculates everything and gives you that final score for each option.


Typically that first score will make you think about the whole decision again. You may see how you feel with the result or maybe you decide to change some values. This process can be desirable, your brain and your heart will discussing and fine tuning through the app to get a final result where no more changes are justifiable. Seeing the result, you may feel content and tranquil with your decision. After all, you were careful and thorough in the process of taking it.

Few things that you can do with this app:

1. Grade Manipulation:
If you manipulate the grades or weights to make a certain option win, then you know the one you really want. Seeing all options in a line will help you select that option that you desire most. Once, I had to choose between going for a movie or sit on computer to do research for an office project. Thus, I changed almost nine criterions to ensure that the option of going for a movie would win.

2. Scenario Neutralization:
Here, you might be expecting some good event but you may feel afraid it might not come true. You can use Mmmh… to neutralize your fear of such a scenario by compensating it with good things if it were to happen.

3. This app has a section “How To Use” where you can understand the usage of this app. This app has another section where you can save your decisions.

You can have up to 10 options and 15 custom criterions for each decision for which you need help from this app.

Mmmh… is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod Touch, 4th Generation iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining Mmmh app from app store via gift-card and the app has been used on an iPod.

So after seeing all the options together and seeing their pros and cons, are you interested in using this app. Post your comments.

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