Make money with your iPhone and iPod Touch

Bit Mantra, has released the latest version of their amazing iPhone and iPod Touch application. The app breaks down the details of daily stocks and picks the best one to display for a user’s consideration, based on fifteen different criteria. Stock genie 2 has been tracked and found highly accurate and profitable by Tickerspy. It is the #1 stock app in all of iTunes.

The app’s developer was a veteran financial investment manager who wants to help users take control of their own finances with the help of stock genie. “I wanted to provide stock market advice for the average consumer who doesn’t have time to research. Research is everything in this business and if you get lazy your results will reflect that. I know people lost a lot of their money with the credit crisis and this has very real consequences, like their children’s education or their own retirement. I wanted people to have easy access to a system that works, get back to even, and then outperform the market.”

It seems this application has accomplished what it set out to do. The stock genie model has been tracked on Tickerspy with impressive results. As of December 4, 2009, the app’s picks were up 92.9% for the year and up 85.2% since inception. Those numbers alone make stock genie well worth a user’s while to check out. Add to that the fact the proprietary investment model has been out-performing the S&P 500 by more than 67% in 2009 and people would be crazy not to buy it. If stock genie was a large cap mutual fund, it would be in the top 1% of all money managers and ranked third among all funds.

The model uses 12-15 different criteria for each sector to produce as many as 10 picks each and every day. Once these picks are broken down and studied in detail, the stock genie presents users with the single best pick of the day, along with pertinent information about that stock: volume, 52 week range, market cap, P/E ration and current price. Users are armed with all the information they need to make an informed decision about that stock. While it may sound as though stock genie is best suited to experienced investors, the fact of the matter is that even beginners can take advantage of this amazing app because it gives users winning stock picks every day, entry/exit points and the main reasons why Stock Genie likes the daily stock pick.

In this latest version, the All Time percentage at the top shows how the model has done against the S&P 500. The latest pick screen shows its previous six picks have faired on the day they were selected and a blog has been added to the website. The developers have plans of adding push notifications, and many other helpful tools to the financial website, like live chat and a newsletter. These things will serve to enhance the already amazing stock genie.

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