Making new Apple TV costs $63.95, retails at $99: iSuppli

According to technology researcher iSuppli has report that Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) second-generation Apple TV costs $63.95 to manufacture and at retails $99.

It seems the second generation; Apple’s price of $99 is about 35% above its bill of materials and manufacturing cost. However, even with that improvement, iSuppli said the second-generation Apple TV is at the bottom end of the hardware margin spectrum for Apple products.

Moreover, the analyst found the internal design and key components are almost exactly the same as the company’s iPad and iPod Touch.

Even with all the commotions of high prices still, Apple TV continues to exhibit the industry-leading electronic and industrial design so evident in Apple’s recent products, including the iPhone 4 and the iPad, iSuppli said.
Here, Analyst Andrew Rassweiler said the latest Apple TV’s A4 processor core, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip and power management chip are the same building blocks used in those other devices.’’
The recent Apple shares show 3.5% to $288.44 rise. The stock is up 37% this year.


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