Man wears Apple Maps on Foot surveys San Francisco


This is an introduction which features a man who wears Apple Maps on foot surveys from San Francisco.

Street Mapping of Apple

Apple expands street-mapping efforts beyond vans outfitted with LIDAR equipment and now has employees collecting street-level data on foot.

MacRumors reader Dante Cesa, spotted a man wearing Apple Maps backpack which features a LIDAR rig, GPS, and multiple cameras. The equipment thus features spotted previously on Apple’s mapping vans.

Apple collected street-level data with its Apple Maps vans since 2015. This is with the first time where someone collected a mapping data on foot.

Apple in iOS 12, introduced a revamped Maps app, which was rebuilt from the ground using own data. This promises better accuracy in more detail.

The new Maps app offer up improvements to traffic, real-time road conditions, road systems, new construction, and changes in pedestrian walkways in more detail and accuracy. This displays foliage like grass and trees, parking lots, building shapes, and more.

Data gathered on foot improves pedestrian directions in major cities such as San Francisco.

Apple appears bolstered its mapping efforts following the launch of iOS 12. Along with the Apple Maps backpack man, deployed new Subaru Impreza mapping vehicles spotted with new LIDAR equipment earlier this week in Los Angeles.


Hence to conclude the fact taken from mac-rumours, an attempt taken by Apple is awesome, not only improves the effectiveness and quality of the apps in the future but provides a greater picture in detail.