Manage Big Incidents With Ease With Incident Reporter [REVIEW]

Incident Reporter

Accidents and unfavorable incidents always arrive unannounced. They never give any notice and ultimatum. If they make any announcement, you would run away in advance to face them.

Thus, preparation in advance is always helpful because prevention is better than cure. Thus, an app like Incident Reporter is a helpful hand being extended by Elviranett Solutions. Now you are not alone in crises. Elviranett Solutions is with you.

Incident Reporter

Elviranett Solutions provide a variety of products and services in digital form. Based in Trondheim, Norway, this company focuses on applications for mobile devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets.

Incident Reporter has been designed for reporting exceptions, Incidents and unwanted events. This app has been built on global industry standards and should be a requirement for all organizations.

Professionals who developed this are highly certified system engineers with several years of experience in Incident Management. Established industry standards have been used so the app will integrate directly in most organizations around the world.

Incident Reporter

The development of this app is a result of several requests from customers and enterprises for a mobile version of their reporting tools. All events and exceptions in a company should be registered and reported so the required actions can be taken. Here, Incident Reporter comes into play. This tool has been designed to cover all the required areas of Incident Reporting from the field and this tool is easy to use.

Though, Incident Reporter is based on Industry standards, it is not limited to any specific industry as it is covering the most wanted functions. Following are the important functions covered by this app:

1. Geo-tagging the location of the user with automatic address detection and Global Positioning System (GPS)-coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) is possible with Incident Reporter.

2. If addresses are missing, description of locations is possible.

3. You can attach multiple pictures to Incidents.

4. With this app, you can create voice notes as attachment to Incidents.

5. It is possible to set priority to Incidents.

6. Incident Reporter is capable of detecting the time automatically when the Incident is created.

7. Description of Incidents is possible.

8. You can edit the existing Incidents.

9. Incident Reporter can give you a map view of one or all Incidents.

10. With this app, you can report an Incident via SMS or email.

11. You can get a print-out of Incidents.

12. The Automatic synchronization of all data between devices is possible with Incident Reporter.

13. Incident Reporter is capable of generating automatic backup of application data.

14. The content of this app is encrypted. This ensures privacy and enhances security.

15. Password protection of the app ensures that someone else will not see your data. Your data can be viewed only by you.

This app can be used to report industry exceptions, personal exceptions such as accidents, nature disasters, or any other unwanted event in the world.

Incident Reporter has easy user Interface and low cost. Thus, an organization can easily invest in this tool as a start or supplement to any existing Incident Management toolset. This app has been created to support reporting via email to well known Service Desks used by a majority of industry companies in the world.

Quick reporting and quick response with this app can ensure quick action which can reduce to the damage that an unfavorable incident can bring. So please do give this app, a chance to help you manage critical situations.

With the updated version 1.1, Incident Reporter has fixed a small issue with maps not always updating correctly.

Incident Reporter

Incident Reporter is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod Touch, 4th Generation iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 5.1 or later version.

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This review has been written after obtaining Incident Reporter from the app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPad.

Now that we have given you promo-codes and thus, an easy way of getting your hands on this app, we expect a feedback in near future.

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