Easily Manage Your Contacts With Lead Tracker [REVIEW]

Lead Tracker

Are you a businessman trying to finalize the deal with several businessmen at the same time? You should keep a track of what deals are final, what are pending and what are ready go through implementation.

Now, at your finger tips, you can easily keep a track of these things.

Cremebits has created a new app to suit your needs and requirements to keep a track. In Lead Tracker – Manage Your Contacts, you create Leads to keep a track of everything about your potential business partners at your fingertips. Cremebits create apps to ease your work and this Lead Tracker makes this process easy and hassle free.

Lead Tracker

Creating a Lead is as simple as creating a profile on a social networking website like Facebook.

For example, I am about to finalize a deal with Apple Inc. I create a Lead with Apple’s contact details and website. The status of that Lead will be “New”. I will contact Apple and if Apple agrees to do business with me, the status of Lead would be “Won”. Suppose Apple says that they will get back to me, then the status will be “Hold” and if the deal is called off, the status will be “Lost”.

Now I approach Microsoft with a deal and create a lead about it in my iPhone. Suppose, Microsoft agrees to do business with me. Then the status of Microsoft Lead is “Won”.

The Lead Tracker can also show you Company Reports, Monthly reports and Conversations.

Lead Tracker

This app is useful not just for businessmen, but also for others. You maybe freelance web designer or an IT consultant in a company. In that case, you can use this app as your lead manager. Not only you will save time and money, you will also get better response from your clients, automatically!

Now let us have a look at the features that Lead Tracker – Manage Your Contacts has to offer:

1. In Lead Tracker, it is easy to feed in leads as they come.

2. Lead Tracker offers a grid eye view. You can see all leads in one view.

3. You can sort Leads by Month, Company & Status and view them accordingly. Lead Tracker can show you how much money can earn from each client (or prospective business partner) and what is the total amount of money you will earn in a month, should you continue working with this person or company.

4. Lead Tracker can show the conversion data in the form of a Pie Chart.

5. Lead Tracker can show the value of all your Leads in the form of a line graph.

Lead Tracker

If you view your Leads on the basis of money that you earn from clients, then in the Top 3 Leads, you will see the Lead about the deal that gets you maximum amount of money.

Lead Tracker – Manage Your Contacts is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 4.3 or leader version.

So now, keep a track of all deals and clients is easy. Simple as breathing! Are you happy? Tell me how easy your task is with this app.

Click here to download Lead Tracker Manage Your Contacts.

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