Manage And Explore All Your Files Systematically With iExplorer HD [REVIEW]

iExplorer HD

You may create a file in your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a remote server. The server can be Windows sharing server, Cloud server or FTP server. But you cannot manage all files smoothly.

The bigger the number of files is, the bigger problem is for you. Sometimes transferring files also becomes a problem for you.

Here comes iExplorer HD that will help you in smoothly managing and viewing the files. iExplorer HD has been created by Zhigang Chen who should applauded for giving all of us, a means to have remote access to our files.

iExplorer HD

Let me show you the features of iExplorer HD:

General Features:
1. You can access files on iPhone/iPad or Windows Sharing Files/NAS server/FTP Server/Cloud server (WebDAV servers, iDisk, FilesAnywhere, Box.Net, CloudMe, DropBox, Microsoft Live Mesh, SkyDrive …).
2. With iExplorer HD, it is easy to transfer files/folders/subfolders between iPhone/iPad and remote servers.
3. You can transfer files with Bluetooth between iOS devices. Provided your devices are compatible.
4. You can manage files on local or remote server. You can rename, delete, move or Email your file.
5. iExplorer HD is very helpful in sort files by name, size, date or file type.
6. You can zip and unzip files on local or NAS server/FTP server.
7. You can edit text file.
8. Open in feature is available.
9. You can stream html files, Microsoft office files, keynotes, numbers and pages from servers like NAS/FTP/Cloud.
10. iExplorer HD can search files in folder/subfolders within a short time.
11. You can sync files from NAS/FTP/Cloud server. It is possible to view offline files if the server is not reachable.
12. While transferring files, you can adjust priorities for transferring file tasks.

Media Related Features:
1. You can stream photos from your NAS/FTP/Cloud servers (WebDAV servers, iDisk, FilesAnywhere, Box.Net, CloudMe, DropBox, Microsoft Live Mesh, SkyDrive …).
2. You can smoothly zoom, scroll photos or view thumbnails.
3. You can stream Audio or Video from NAS/FTP/Cloud servers (WebDAV servers, iDisk, FilesAnywhere, Box.Net, CloudMe, DropBox, Microsoft Live Mesh, SkyDrive …).
4. iExplore HD has support for subtitle files (ssa/ass/srt) for video playback.
5. Multitasking for Audio stream by iExplorer HD.

iExplorer HD

File Viewer Related Features:
1. iExplorer HD is embedded with PDF viewer and a support table of content.
2. iExplorer HD has an embedded CHM viewer and a support table of content. It has been optimized for iPhone or iPad.
3. iExplorer HD also has Text/PDB reader.
4. iExplorer HD has code viewer and syntax highlighted for C, C++, Objective C, C#, Java, Php, JS, CSS … 5. iExplorer HD has fullscreen mode for viewer in iPad. This feature is only for iExplorer HD only, not for iExplorer.

More features are coming soon:
1. More Cloud servers like iCloud, GoogleDocs, SugarSync and Evernote will be there on iExplorer HD.
2. Social Networking Service (SNS) support for networks like Twitter, Facebook and Weibo will be there.
3. Web Browser
4. ePub Reader
5. iExplorer HD will have more advanced search functions for PDF, Text, CHM, ePub etc.
6. Very soon, iExplorer HD will have improved PDF viewer.

The new version 2.1 of iExplorer HD supports more cloud storages like Microsoft, SkyDrive, Live Mesh and DropBox. Many bugs have also been feed in the new version.

iExplorer HD is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 4.2 or later version.

This app features some mildly suggestive themes and you must be at least 17 years old before you use this app. User discretion is being recommended.

This review has been written after the app being obtained from app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPad.

Click here to buy and download iExplorer HD.

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