Manchester United Massive News HD for Enthusiast Fan

Even guys with no interest in soccer must havel heard of Manchester United. This club is arguably the best soccer team in the UK and certainly the most famous in the world. Did you know, for example, that there are more ‘registered’ Man Utd fans throughout the world than there are actual people living in the UK city of Manchester?

Manchester United Massive News HD on the iPad is the latest gateway into all things Man U. It gathers together current stories about the club, plus hosting the various league positions where Manchester United has a presence. The most obvious of these are the UK Premier League alongside the FA Cup table, the two most important competitions in English Football. Manchester United usually also appears in European competitions such as the European Cup Winner’s Cup; follow the team through that competition as well.
If you and your friends follow English soccer, then it’s a great way to annoy anyone who’s not a Man U fan: try sharing the latest victory news with fans of Chelsea FC for example.

Manchester United Massive News HD is as informative and compelling as any reporting of the Beckham family empire. The most obvious tools are included in the app, including live results and approaching fixtures. But it’s always the chitchat of the comments that are the most interesting to read; with Manchester United Massive News HD you can soak in all the latest, then add to the debates with comments of your own via social networking.

Manchester United Massive News HD is available for $0.99 from iTunes


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