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Concerned about your Internet security and online safety? Do you have a fear about forgetting your passwords to bank accounts? Wondering if someone can steal your credit card details?

Here is a new app that can solve your problems. Created by Hung Tran, Mastery Key ensures the online safety of your money and identity.

This app helps you in protecting your account numbers, passwords and sensitive content.

Master Key enables you to protect and secure your sensitive contents you hold on your mobile, easily and effectively. This app also has a huge capacity that is enough to store a huge amount of your personal information. You can store your bank account numbers, ATM Pin numbers, Credit Card information, important email addresses and more.

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This app gives you a “Vault” where you can create categories like Finance, Internet services. You can classify and arrange information on the basis of categories.

Master Key utilizes an advanced AES256 encryption logarithm and gives you a choice. Either you can create a pattern like passcode for accessing the app or you can use a numeric code that would be convenient to you. If you open the app and if your phone goes into sleep mode, the app would automatically re-lock itself to protect your data. Apart from creating templets and categorizing your data and information, you also have the option of editing anything that you wish to.

Let us take a look at some other features of Master Key:

1. You have “maximum entry attempt” option. If passcode entered incorrectly multiple times, Master Key would erase all the information after the specified number of entry attempt that you have set. For example, if you have set “maximum entry attempt” as ten, then if the wrong passcode is entered for the eleventh time, Master Key would erase information so that it would not land into wrong hands.

2. Master Key is integrated with a Drop-box that backs up and restores in-app information for you as easily as exporting and importing information in web-based account. You can also use Drop-box to recover your general Master Key Password if you lose it or forget it.

3. You have multiple data organization options.

So do you feel relaxed about your online safety with this app? Discuss your views in the comments section.

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