Maybe: Apple Event On September 7th

Gizmodo, MediaMemo and MacRumors all report about an Apple event on September 7th. Each year Apple has such an event somewhere in September. Every time the event has something to do with music and I expect no difference this year.

The iPod line will undoubtedly be updated. Rumors go that the iPod Touch (and maybe the iPod Nano) will get a camera. iTunes 9 will most likely be introduced as well. But the highest expectations will be the introduction of the MacBook Touch. Weather or not we hear about it, most people will have high expectations of the Apple Media Event 2009.

Maybe the new OS X version ‘Snow Leopard’ will be launched as well. And Steve Jobs is probably going to deliver the keynote. After his long absence he finally returned several weeks ago.

It remains to be seen if Apple is going to surprise us and if we will see the commercial about a mystery product, they recorded today.

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