New Medical iPad Platform Reduces Patient Check-In Time

iPad 2 New Medical use

NIIT Healthcare Technologies of Orlando, Florida has introduced a mobile platform that will speed up check-in times, improve communication and help process payments for hospitals, physician offices, clinics and laboratories.

This product is called MASH, that stands for Manage, Analyze, Sustain and Harness. This product lets patients and doctors use mobile devices that tie into the facility’s backend infrastructure. Patients can check-in autonomously using a tablet and describe their injury or illness. They can also enter health insurance details or even navigate the halls of the facility. This information is then sent to the appropriate medical department which is alerted to the patient’s arrival and to the business office for payment processing.

This system is already installed in Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster California. Humberto Quintanar, CIO of Antelope Valley Hospital, said, “MASH’s ability to reduce the waiting time and paperwork in our ER will provide our hospital with life-saving and cost-saving technologies”.

Source: TUAW

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