Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Describe Steve Jobs as Monomaniacal

In a recent interview Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen describe Steve Jobs as monomaniacal.

According to tuaw:
The comments from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen came in an interview with The Sunday Times, where he also praised Apple’s almost unbelievable turnaround since Jobs returned to the company in 1997.

Paul Allen has recently published autobiography known as Idea Man.

Here is one interesting passage from Paul Allen book which will make Apple fans take notice – one quoting Bill gates in the mid nineties.

“[The competition] can be taken. But the only way we’re going to take them is to study them, know what they know, do what they do, watch them, watch them, watch them. Look for every angle, stay on their shoulders, clone them, take every one of their good ideas and make it one of our good ideas.”

[ Via tuaw]

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