Microsoft delivers bulky buttons Windows Phone 7

Is the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 made only for confused people who need large buttons?
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Bulky Buttons

Behold, Windows Phone 7 has large buttons, just like the Jitterbug phone made for the elderly.
“Great” Design: Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 today, after failing way behind in the smartphone business to Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, and Android phones.

To make WiMP 7 not look like the iPhone too much, Microsoft avoided copying the iPhone icons for Windows 7 Phone. Therefore, icons are either too big, or too small on the Windows Mobile phone.

How long do you think Windows Phone 7 needs to run defrag to prevent severe lagging?

Well, at least fat Homer Simpson around the world rejoices for the clunky disoriented seven Phone.

[Via Microsoft]

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