Microsoft Introducing New iPad Competitor On Monday

Microsoft Logo

One week after the kickoff of Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and Apple’s teaser of iOS 6, not it is Microsoft’s turn to get some spotlight.

Microsoft is going to reveal the newest slate of tablets that will challenge the iconic iPad in the rapidly growing tablet computer market.

According to sources speaking with All Things D, a “major Microsoft announcement” is coming Monday, 18 June 2012 at a media event in Los Angeles which is going to be hosted by Microsoft. Members of the press have already been invited. There have been some announcements that a significant product or software will be revealed at this event.

There are speculations that Microsoft will roll out the red carpet for new ARM-based tablets running Windows RT. The report said:

“After months of being secretive about its work to bring Windows 8 to ARM-based tablets, Microsoft is about ready to raise the veil.”

For now, Microsoft will only confirm the LA event itself and not the details of the presentation or any hardware or software to be demonstrated. Everybody is curious to know what will be unveiled there.

Source: Modmyi

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