Microsoft marathon run of over $500 to catch the iPhone.

Now that is a serious competition among business tech companies. Puzzled? Don’t be! Companies are spending money like anything to stay in the game. Microsoft now eyeing Apple and entering the Smartphone market with huge investments.

As posted in TechCrunch, the company will spend at least $400 million on marketing the Windows Phone 7 launch, which should come before the end of the year. In addition to marketing costs, Microsoft has already agreed to subsidize handset manufacturers’ “non-recurring engineering” costs.

The most interesting reveal was that the company is spending around $1 billion price tag for the launch, with half of it going to marketing. And guess what, $500 million is roughly the equivalent of Apple’s entire advertising budget for its 2009 fiscal year. Interesting isn’t it?

It seems Microsoft is all set to do whatsoever needed to stay in the game of smartphone.

Hope this lavishly spending do good to Microsoft in the long run.


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