Microsoft May Announce Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone

In an attempt to continue on with its momentum generated by the Surface tablet unveiling, Microsoft is expected to announce a revamp of plans for Windows Phone 8 as part of the company’s push to take on Apple and Google in the Mobile market.

In a summit in San Francisco, Microsoft is slated to discuss the next-generation Windows Phone 8 at a two-day long developer summit. Anticipated topics range from multi-core mobile Central Processing Unit (CPU) support to tighter device integration across the Windows environment.

According to CNET, developers have been relatively quiet about what can be expected unlike Monday’s Surface tablet event whose teaser was given to media last week. It is clear that Microsoft is set to focus on its mobile Operting System (OS) as the invitations sent to press outlets were from Microsoft’s Windows Phone unit. It is depicting a mobile device sporting a Golden Gate Bridge background image. Rumors and speculations surrounding the event point to the announcement of Windows Phone 8, the next-generation mobile operating system that is said to support multi-core processors.

Microsoft has plans to create an operating system that will underpin a set of devices that run the hardware gamut but it remains to be seen whether it will be a true one-OS ecosystem that is both stable and non-fragmented. This is the same goal that Apple is trying to move towards with iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion. A fact to be noted is that Apple is trying to do it in a more indirect way with discrete mobile and desktop operating systems.

There are rumors that Near Field Communication (NFC) hardware support similar to what is found in Android’s Google Wallet service is also set to make an appearance at the event. Apple has expressed interest in NFC technology as seen with their job descriptions and patents in the past. However, the plans of iPhone-maker’s plans regarding the technology going forward remain largely unknown.

It remains to be seen whether or not Windows Phone 8 will become a contender in the smartphone market.


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