Minimalistic Skype Redesign for Mac

Here, a three designer team from CIID Chris Bierbower, Kristjana Guðjónsdóttir and WanTing Liao has generated a pretty intuitive perception of what Skype 6.0 should look like. Not long ago Microsoft has acquired Skype, it was known that many Mac users are not very pleased with 5.0 user interface.

The team working on this wants to make sure that Skype users will be happy again to use this new redesign. The present Skype 5.0 version cover a large space on screen and many users often find themselves occupied the windows with other application.

6.0 version will have a single windows associated with tabs which can be drag away to manage conversations visually so that it will be convenient for new users. Here, the resigned Skype for Mac is purposefully minimalistic and emphasis on multitasking. We can expect many new features and complete redesigned Skype version when launch.

[Via vimeo]

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