MobileNotifier: Jailbreak App Aims to Remodel Apple iOS Push Notification System

MobileNotifier a Jailbreak app continues to bring new features and improvements. Here, Peter Hajas has launched the 4rd beta version of MobileNotifier on Cydia Store which plan to redesigned Apple’s iOS Push notification system.

Here are the following new features and improvements of MobileNotifier beta 4:

– Brand new alert style that lives in the doubleheight statusbar. Takes unobtrusive notifications to the next level!

– Totally redone lockscreen view. Tap the bar to see a preview of your pending notifications!

– Intelligent alert dismiss – alerts from the same sender are dismissed if you take action on one of them. Way easier to deal with!

– Significant performance and bug fixes. Way faster, way less memory and battery footprint, way friendlier to your device!

– And more! Lots of fun surprises in this release that users will enjoy.


MobileNotifier is inspired by Android’s notification system so unlike iOS’s push notification system, MobileNotifier prevents notifications from interrupting you and allows you to access your notifications from a drop-down drawer. You can also access the notifications from your iOS device’s lock screen.

Instruction to install MobileNotifier.

Here are the following steps you need to follow to install MobileNotifier:

Please note that to install MobileNotifier, you need to have jailbroken device.

Step 1.
Launch Cydia from your homescreen.

Step 2.
Select on the Manage Tab and then tap on Sources.

Step 3.
Now tap on the edit button and then tap the add button to add the following repo URL:

Step 4.
After it is successfully added, tap on the Search tab and search for MobileNotifier.

Step 5.
Tap on MobileNotifier from the search results

Step 6.
Again tap on the Install button and then confirm to install it on your iOS device.

You will be prompted to Restart SpringBoard, tap on the button to proceed.

[ Via peterhajas ]

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