Modify And Edit All Documents Easily With Polaris Office [REVIEW]

Polaris Office

Recently, I introduced you to an app called PDF Nomad with which you could easily edit and modify your PDF Documents. Now I have an app with which you can modify and edit all types of documents in all formats.

This app is called Polaris Office. This app has been made by a company called Infraware who call themselves World Leaders in Mobile Office Software. Infraware is a mobile browser solution company and it occupies over 70% of the market share in the touch phone and mobile browser markets in Korea.

Polaris Office app is a mobile office solution. This app allows users to view and edit not only Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, but also PDF and text files. This app has superior rendering quality. It will display Microsoft Office documents exactly as they are displayed in their native office software. Not only does Polaris Office boast the fastest loading speed of any mobile office software around, it is also able to maintain its impressive speed and stability even when dealing with documents having large size, giving instant response to the user’s input.

Polaris Office

Now, you can see for yourself the amazing capabilities and new possibilities that this software brings on your very own iPhone or iPad:

1. Support for viewing/editing of multiple files:
This app enables you to view and edit documents of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. PDF files may be viewed, and text files may be both viewed and edited.

2. Support for a vast array of editing functions:
(i) Polaris Office offers templates for multiple file types. It allows you to create documents based on 15 kinds of templates.
(ii) In this app, it is possible to insert or edit up to 18 kinds of 2D/3D charts.
(iii) Over 300 functions are provided in this app. Along with help information for each function, it is easy to allow calculations to be inserted into your documents easily.
(iv) In this app, it is possible for you to add and edit up to 80 varieties of shapes to your document including arrows, stars, free lines etc.
(v) Document layout settings in this app will allow you to view exactly how your documents will look when they are printed out.
(vi) Editing the documents is easier, thanks to the provided arrange and group tools which allow sorting of shape and image objects.
(vii) There are various types of text styles and paragraph formatting that allow easy editing even on devices with small screens.
(viii) Find and Replace is supported in this app.
(ix) Polaris Office supports easy insertion and editing of tables.
(x) Movement animations to be played when changing slides can be selected in this app.
(xi) With the Slideshow feature, it is possible for you to run presentations while adding handwritten text or drawing pictures on the screen.
(xii) You can quickly navigate throughout the document by using the Thumbnail view that is provided by this app.

3. Polaris Office has sub-features which make editing easier than ever:
(i) You can easily open recently used files.
(ii) Searching on Internet will also be easy.
(iii) You can insert images stored on your iPhone, iPad, or photos taken with your device, instantly if you use this app.
(iv) You can save your documents to the cloud via the Cloud Storage feature.

4. Languages supported by Polaris Office are English, German and Korean.

In the New Version 4.0.1, fonts in this app have been improved and additional Korean fonts have been added. Many bugs have also been fixed.

Polaris Office is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. it requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining Polaris Office from app store via gift card and the app has been used on iPad 2.

Now with this app in your iPhone or iPad, you can work from home, office or anywhere, without depending on Mac or PC. Are you satisfied with this app? Post your comments.

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5 Replies to “Modify And Edit All Documents Easily With Polaris Office [REVIEW]”

  1. Have Polaris Office on a brand new HTC one v phone and the absence of any way to delete unwanted files makes the app worthless. Wasted a lot of time trying to find a workaround. Number of files awaiting disposal growing quickly. Very disappointed and feel cheated.

  2. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 with the Polaris office app and easy to use is not what I would say about the app. Can not, no matter what you do, get it to save changes to a excel sheet. Very disappointed.

  3. Hi get an app called Computer from play store (Android). This allows you to access the areas in the memory e.g the phone or the s/d card. Find the documents folder and you can delete the files from this point. This is for a HTC ONE X.

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