Minecraft: Education Edition will be Launched on iPad in September

The “Minecraft: Education Edition” will be launched on the iPad in September, so as to allow teachers to incorporate the game into their lesson plans for the new school year. According to macrumors, the Minecraft: Education Edition was first launched in November in the year 2016 on macOS and on Windows platforms and ever since then, it has been a great tool in teaching as teachers have used the game to teach students subjects like; science, engineering history, maths and lots more.

The general manager of Minecraft education Deirdre Quarnstrom, confirmed at Microsoft that students on Mac, Windows, and the iPad, will be able to play and also be able to connect to one another. Minecraft says that it has decided to launch Minecraft: Education Edition on iPad as a result of the number of school districts that already support Apple’s tablets in classrooms.

The reason why Microsoft added the iPad support was; School districts have iPads and want students to be able to learn about STEM and other subjects with Minecraft on Apple’s tablets in addition to the Windows 10 and Mac OS devices that can already run Education Edition. According to macrumors, Deirdre has assured users that optimizing the Education Edition on iPad means that it will support the newer Education Edition features introduced earlier in this year.

Minecraft: Education Edition however costs about $5 per user, although volume pricing is available for larger schools.
other features in the Education Edition version of Minecraft that have begun appearing in the normal edition of the game, includes a “Chemistry Resource Pack.” using this pack requires, players to have access to the full periodic table and can use a “Compound Creator” to build basic or complex substances.

However, Quarnstrom says that Microsoft’s goal is to “bring over all of the education features and give access to all players,” except for the administrative classroom tools for teachers. “Bedrock” Minecraft is on 21 platforms,

For the teachers who are just getting started with Minecraft: Education Edition, the game’s website, includes resources that will help and also guide teachers in teaching such as the; pre-made lesson plans, helpful tutorials, and starter worlds which will help make easy to adjust the students into the game’s mechanics. There’s also a program called the “Minecraft Mentors” this program, educates teachers on all of the basic principles of the game, and how it can be adapted to their classrooms.