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A wild child, a daring child, an adventurous child, any or all of the three childs can be taken care by Tinitell. This utilitarian GPS tracker for children will take away considerable amount of a mom’s stress and save her from the running around in every few minutes. Tinitell will allow you to communicate with your child in a new way. The device is a wearable phone and a GPS tracker for kids. The functionality of Tinitell is engineered in the form of a wristband for kids.


Currently seeking a pledge of $100,000 in Kickstarter, the concept comes from a Swedish Mats Horn who founded Tintell last year, and currently raising a pledge for building a commercially viable product. The aesthetics, form factor of Tinitell is designed on simple lines. It does not have a screen or display, comes with a small button to activate the band’s interface, along with voice recognition to call for a particular contact.

How it works is by calling the name of the contacts saved with a number and a pre-recorded voice label for identification. There is also an option of scrolling through the contacts manually by pressing volume keys after which you wait till the device has called the name of the respective contact. The wearable does not depend on voice recognition software but it is based on corresponding a pre-recorded voice label to whats being said real-time by a user, which actually helps in lowering down the overall processing power and making the transmission is feasible.

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The contacts are synced to the device through Tinitell’s official website or the app. By doing this, parents can take charge of the contacts who will connect to the child via the device. So, its also a way to monitor the contacts stored into the wearable. The device depends on a 2G cellular SIM for connectivity to back the voice calls and GPS tracking. For energy, its uses battery which evidently has a good hour’s talk time on a single charge or equivalent to a 7 days standby. To add an edge to the sturdiness of the wearable, its made water resistant and sandbox proof. You needn’t worry in case your child has an addiction for outdoors.

What made a ‘concept’ evolve into Tinitell? Mats Horn, the brain behind Tinitell shares his story which made him think about a concept to track kids using a GPS enabled wearable, he says

I came up with the idea for Tinitell when I was hanging out with a friend who is also a father and his son wanted to go outside and play, he didn’t have a cell phone. He had lost a cell phone once before, and we didn’t feel like lending out our smartphones. Worst of all, we couldn’t join him outside because we were busy cooking dinner. His son ended up playing in his room with his iPad, and I thought that was sad.

Meant for a kid who loves to be outdoors: I loved being outside when I was a kid… This led me to think there should be a simple mobile phone for kids, nothing advanced, just a nicely designed speaker and microphone to handle quick ‘hellos’ and ‘come heres’.


Horn also explains the market for a simple mobile for kids is “largely untapped” — although it must be said that there are a lot of kids phones already out there. But the wearable aspect of Tinitell gives it the advantage of being harder for the child to lose than a phone. Tinitell aims to be distinct from the others around: There are wearables like the Moff bluetooth bangle which is a toy enhancing a child’s playtime by adding sound effects, the other is Guardian which is a bluetooth wristband to keep your child safe. How far will Tinitell go in capturing the ‘untapped kids wearables’ market is yet unknown.
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The price point: Coming to the price point which is a key factor because on the other side, are kids who are going to use it and we know how kids are, playful and carefree so a parent will think once before buying one for their child. Looking at the pledge levels claimed the cost of Tinitell might go unto $149 until early pledge levels are closed. Though Horn is funding the engineering by taking loans and micro credits. We wish him good luck towards making Tinitell prosper.

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