Money matters, for shareholders.

Money makes people go round. A few weeks back share holders of Apple charged Steve Jobs for what he or his company is treasuring the stock of money. To that Mr. Steve Jobs said the money is for the emergency purpose so that in that crisis period the company doesn’t have to borrow from other sources.
Again the shareholder has raised their voice for the money. This time they have asked Apple if they are using the money usefully.

The shareholders hold that they calculate return on invested capital (ROIC) to help determine whether a company has an economic moat — the ability to earn returns on its money beyond that money’s cost.
By determining a company’s ROIC, we can see how well it’s using the cash we entrust to it, and whether it’s actually creating value for you. Simply put, ROIC divides a company’s operating profit by how the amount of investment it took to get that profit.

It seems the shareholder are trying really hard to know the how the money is being used in Apple. And Apple this time has to be transparent in this matter of Money.

It’s again a showtime for Apple!


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