MoneySupermarket Launch World’s First Car Insurance Comparison App

British price comparison company has become the first company to launch a car insurance comparison app which compares deals available through over 100 different insurance companies.

Developed in associated with MIG (Mobile Interactive Group), the company is aiming the app at the developing mobile market and believes that’s it could well revolutionise the way that people go about purchasing insurance.

Who is it available to?
The MoneySupermarket car insurance app can be downloaded free of charge from either the MoneySupermarket website or iTunes. It is available to all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners.

The app is currently only usable within the UK, but MoneySupermarket believes that it will inspire comparison companies in other countries to launch similar apps for the expanding mobile market in the near future.

It is also expected that apps for other areas of insurance such as home and travel could also be made available to users if the app proves to be a success.

How does it work?
Once the app was been downloaded, users will be asked to create a MoneySupermarket account which will store information about the customer which is relevant in the calculation of car insurance premiums. Information such as the user’s age, gender and occupation are all to be expected.

The information will then be stored for future reference, so that the user does not need to re-enter the details every single time that they are looking for a car insurance quote. This is all part of the companies mission to reduce the amount of time it takes for motorists to compare car insurance quotes; with MoneySupermarket claiming that the app makes it possible to retrieve quotes in just three taps.

What about the vehicle details?
It is also easy to enter in details about the vehicle which users are looking for car insurance quotes on, with motorists only needing to enter in the vehicle licence plate number. The app will then automatically retrieve the information about the car which will be required in order to for car insurance quotes to be calculated from the vehicle database held by the UK motoring authority.

Can I purchase a policy on my mobile?
Once these two data sets have been entered, the user will then be provided with a range of quotes available through over 100 different car insurance companies; all of whom have a presence on the MoneySupermarket website.

Once you click on one of these quotes, two buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen. One of these will read ‘call insurer now’, and will allow the user to call the insurance company directly to request more information about what is included on the policy if they are unsure as to whether it is the right deal for them.

The second button is the purchase button and will allow customers to purchase the policy on the spot if they are in a rush and/or confident that the policy meets their requirements.

Critical response
Upon its launch in the UK, the MoneySupermarket app won The Guardian’s much sought after Consumer app of the week award; with critic Mark King praising it for its ease of use and functionality.

Expect to see similar apps launched by rival price comparison companies in other countries in the near future.

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