How to Moniter Whatsapp Messages and Calls?

Today, I will go over the requirements for successful whatstapp monitoring and with the cell phone spy software. When someone starts looking for these kinds of services, a common question is whether or not it is possible to log chat programs, and while the short answer is yes, all service providers have their specialties and limitations, therefore making it very important that you properly verify and select a service that covers all your needs. You may want to keep an eye out on your childs mobile phone and private chats, or ensure you employees are as productive as possible, or preventing unauthorized information to be shared or leaked to other parties. Lets have a look together at these different scenarios, and what you need to get started.

There is always the same common reason as to why you might want to log and monitor Whatsapp on your mobile devices. For one, if you have children, you know how much time they spend on their cell phones and tablets nowadays, and there is no way you could possibly keep an eye on them at all times when connected to the web. On the other side of the fence, you may be a small business owner needing to improve on productivity and add an extra layer of security with your employee company cell phone devices. Some of these tracking services such as mSpy and Mobistealth offer tailored features for both parents and business owners. Let’s have a look at some applications.

  • Parents can keep an eye on who their child or teenager is speaking with.
  • Helps keep your child safe from predators, or inappropriate media sharing.
  • Parents can set keywords for profanity or other alerts, to advise them when they should verify the chat logs.
  • Employers can ensure their workers are not wasting too much time on social media and chat.
  • Add a layer of security against information leaking or authorized activities by personnel.
  • HR can be alerted of any inappropriate pictures being shared amount employees.
  • Overall productivity raises when workers are aware of being monitored.

Best Spy Apps for Whatsapp Monitoring

Many spy software services offer Whatsapp tracking and compatibility, but it helps to know the good ones from the bad ones. Having a good monitoring app means you get a rich list of powerful functions beyond logging Whatsapp chats. As I discussed, you may require special keyword alert functions, parental controls and filters, or business oriented services. Let’s have a look at the best spy apps available for our needs at hand.


A long time favorite of mine has been mSpy, for its robust platform, solid support and cross-platform compatibility, but mostly because it has all the main and advanced features possible. The power that mSpy puts in your hands goes way beyond chat logs, but on that topic, you will also have compatibility for: Skpy, Viber, Facebook and other social sites, iMessenger, BBM and recently added Snapchat. Advance remote control features have been removed, but theft protection, parental controls & alerts are all available through an easy to use web panel. The service also feature a complete keylogger that will record all keystrokes pressed on the target device.

2) FelxiSpy

Another great choice for monitoring Whatsapp is FlexiSpy. They offer a complete service compatible with Android, and iPhone in regards to Whatsapp messages, but also support various other messaging apps such as facebook, snapchat, bbm, voip apps, the list is extensive. If you are willing to pay for their highest package, they also provide remote control of the microphone and camera. Although they don’t offer as much on the parental control side of things, the amount of available cell phone monitoring app compatibility is enough to satisfy both personal and business users.

3) Mobistealth

Mobistealth is also a great service, and can be a bit cheaper in cost. It ranked 3rd but can be considered as good as the pervious tow and here is why. First, as far as whatsapp messenger goes, it supports full monitoring on both Android and iPhone, but when we compare the list of messenger apps, it has slightly shorter list, but really not much. However, some key apps such as Snapchat and Facebook Messenger are not supported at this time. But, they do offer remote microphone control, and call recording, both features that mSpy no longer offers. They also offer the service at a better cost than FlexiSpy which does offer call recording, and remote control. So, in conclusion, pic the service that fits your needs, and budget.